Non-Destructive testing

Dedicated NDT department

An essential requirement for many customers, our dedicated Non destructive testing (NDT) department offers highly effective systems and services for examining the safety, integrity, and reliability of your critical components. Carried out by our expert PCN II inspectors, our capabilities include: liquid penetrant inspection, magnetic particle inspection, positive material inspection, well clad thickness, ultrasonic testing and phased array equipment and testing.

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Aftermarket capability

Refurbishing existing components to extend product lifecycle

Single site

We offer all the required aftermarket services under one roof

Multiple sectors

Our experience covers different verticals across most complex industries

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"Highly accurate tolerances were achieved with reduced lead times"

Find out how we provided complex component pasts with raw and challenging materials for use in optronic masts for a leading provider of land and air systems for the MOD to improve machining processes and gain efficiencies ahead of schedule.

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